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Meeting rooms, Aamanns, Reffen
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With an office at Nordicbizz, we have cleaning, meeting rooms and much more, you are also surrounded by fantastic surroundings with everything Refshaleøen has to offer.

Central location on Refshaleøen. Scandinavian's cultural center, ideal for events, business and innovation 
Attractive Offices
Central location
Meeting facilities
Lunch Subscription
Easy Parking
Refshaleøens events

Lunch arrangement with traditional Danish dishes at - Aamann’s

Aamann's heart, beats for tasty, high-quality food. Aamanns cooks from scratch from good ingredients.

Reffen - Copenhagen Street Foodx

Reffens is a fantastic food universe located on Refshaleøen. Here, 50+ enthusiastic chefs and creative enthusiasts share their great passion for food and good craftsmanship. It is street food at its best and more than 17 nationalities represented. Here you can easily experience Copenhagen's best street food during or after your meeting and get food for either lunch or dinner.

An area with many opportunities

Refshaleøen is full of experiences and events. Refshaleøen can from the outside look very industrial and not something you necessarily associate with experiences, but when you dive into the heart of the island, the old B&W buildings store the most amazing food, culture and experiences of all kinds.

The old B&W shipyard has become a hidden treasure in Copenhagen and we are very happy to help you find the right experience, team building, event or guided tour for your next meeting

If you are interested in this, you can also read more on our page about experiences on Refshaleøen

Fully equipped meeting rooms you can easily book

The rooms are equipped with tables and chairs, projector and flipcharts, whiteboard and lightning fast internet. In Our small meeting room is set up TV screen. You can share your screen easily via airplay or connect your computer to directly.

Sound system

If you have other wishes such as stage, microphone, or anything else, you are very welcome to contact us.

Meeting Theme & Group Rooms

If you need an extra room or telephone room, you can also book our second meeting room. 
We have 2 rooms. The one room we call the living room. The living room is furnished with sofa, plants, high tables and cozy lighting, which gives a homely cozy atmosphere. The living room can be seen in the picture to the right.

The second is a smaller meeting room with a plank table, chairs and television. here is room for 6-8 people. You can buy both rooms for your venue

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call us

+45 61 26 28 48
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