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Coworking Space in Copenhagen 

Nordicbizz is a coworking space in Copenhagen. We offer Private Office, Dedicated Desk, Meeting Rooms and much more. All our services is good for both entrepreneurs, startups and established companies.

Coworking Space in Copenhagen

Our office community accommodates both large and small businesses. With us, you become part of a serious and cozy community among professional companies with good people. Here you have the opportunity to both close the door and work efficiently in your own office, or go out into the community and relax with the "colleagues" in the community.

As a tenant in our coworking space you can get

Meeting rooms inklusive
Easy parking
Free coffee and the
Cozy Activities

The benefits of our Coworking space

In the office space, it is possible for you and your team to make use of all the delicious facilities in the building together with all the other companies in the community. In our office community there is access to the internet, lunch arrangement, meeting rooms and much more. 

In addition to this, you and your team will also be able to use all of Refshale Island's cool and unique surroundings.

Office community at Christianshavn

Refshaleøen is a place in contact growth and it is closer to the city than you might think. With only 5 minutes to Christianshavn's canal and 9 minutes to Nyhavn by bike, you are in the center of Copenhagen.

Get Office space with the coolest and unique surroundings, events and growth full of companies. You are always welcome to come by and see if our offices are for you.

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Nordic Bizz
Copenhagen K
Refshaleøen 163a
Phone: +45 61 26 28 48
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VAT-number: 35024530
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All days 8:00 - 22:00

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